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Islamic Center of Union County

2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

Islamic Center of Union County  2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

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Muslim community's ability to service the well being of the public

As we celebrate our Muslim community's ability to service the well being of the public in the political spectrum and beyond, unfortunately there are some who see it as a threat.

As I congratulate our community on people who won seats in congress like Ilhan & Rashida and big congratulations to NJ Muslim community members on electoral victories:

Assad Akhtar, Passaic County Freeholder

Mohamed T. Khairullah, Mayor Prospect Park

Alaa Abdelaziz, Councilman, Paterson

Hazim Yassin, Councilman , Red Bank

and those who won the campaign even if they missed the election also for non Muslims who won by standing for shared values for all like justice, freedom and equality... I need to remind all that the journey has just begun and lots of work is still ahead.

The ability to mobilize the community, make coalitions and bring support should pave the road for more involvement and participation.

My best wishes to all who shall stand for the truth and serve our community and country.

معا نصل

Mission & Objectives

 To establish and maintain an Islamic Center in this community to serve as a place for Islamic prayers and cultural and religious activities. ? To provide Muslims with religious guidance based on the teachings of Islam. ? To serve as a youth educational center on Islam, its teachings, history, and culture among Muslims as well as non-Muslims. ? To organize courses of study in Quran, Sunnah and the Islamic history, designed to meet the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims, both adults and children. ? To promote goodwill, understanding, fellowship and tolerance among Muslims. ? To strengthen the fraternal bonds among Muslims in the Union County and its surrounding areas. ? To promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.

 This is The Islamic Center of Union County

For a number of years, we have been searching for a location in Union County, NJ. To establish a permanent place for our Masjid and Islamic Center to offer religious, educational and community services. With the grace of Allah, we have found the new establishment, located at 2372 Morris Ave Union, NJ 07083. *Building includes: Large Sanctuary (capacity:600), about 12 class rooms, office, full kitchen. *0.68 Acres *40-50 Car parking *Mixed use zoning- No need for zoning or variance if the place will stay for religious purpose *Near Route- 78, 22 and the Garden State Parkway *This place will serve the entire Union and surrounding counties

The Past and Present

The center is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Code. For the past 24 years, we have been renting small store on 656 Sanfard Ave, Newark NJ 07106. Alhumdillillah, we have been serving the needs of Muslims for all neighboring towns.