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Islamic Center of Union County

2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

Islamic Center of Union County  2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

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"In Pursuit of Happiness"

By ICUC Dr Rasheed

Happiness has many types, levels, and causes, but in these next few paragraphs I want to focus on my favorite one: Giving.

Some of my most joyful moments in life and a true cause of happiness has always been seeing the effects of the simple things I’ve done for people around me, starting with my family and beyond. This concept rests in the core of the teachings of the Holy Quran: {Whoever does righteous deeds, whether male or female, and is a believer, We shall, most surely cause him to live a good life} 16:97.

The idea of righteous deeds was explained by the words of Mohammad (Prophet of Islam) when he said: “The most beloved people to God are those whom other people benefit from them the most, and the most beloved deeds to God are ones that bring joy to the hearts of other individuals.” If people bring joy and happiness to others by acting on righteous deeds (such as giving), then indeed God will bring joy and happiness back to them.

“Giving” is a testimony of the soul as one free from stinginess and greed, loving to share blessings, a living demonstration of faith by sincerely wishing the same blessings for your brother , sister, friends neighbors and community that you would wish for yourself. "joyfulness is in giving, not taking. The act of giving brings sweetness to the soul that cannot be obtained when it is withheld, such as a tree sharing its fruit with others.  The sugar within the fruit which causes it to ripen for us to enjoy its sweetness is the same sugar that will cause it to rot if it is not shared.

Once there was a famous scholar named Al-Laith who was a honey merchant. While his ship was loading honey barrels, a woman came to him carrying a small pot asking for some honey. He refused to fill her container, but after she left, he told one of his workers to follow her with a whole barrel of honey! The worker asked him, “Why didn’t you just fill her pot and she would have been happy with that?” Al-Laith replied, “She only came to ask for what she needed (of honey), but we gave her what we needed (of rewards.)”

Let me remind you that giving has many dimensions not simply giving in just a materialistic sense.  Giving of one’s time, attention, compassion, and affection are just a few examples of those dimensions.  The pursuit of happiness will never be perfect since this worldly life is not perfect nor will it last forever.  But even though this life is short we can make the most of it in positive ways to pursue happiness for ourselves by bringing happiness and comfort to others “family , friends , community people across all faiths.  More importantly, we must never pursue our own happiness at the expense of others for this is a type of injustice at its core.

Mission & Objectives

 To establish and maintain an Islamic Center in this community to serve as a place for Islamic prayers and cultural and religious activities. ? To provide Muslims with religious guidance based on the teachings of Islam. ? To serve as a youth educational center on Islam, its teachings, history, and culture among Muslims as well as non-Muslims. ? To organize courses of study in Quran, Sunnah and the Islamic history, designed to meet the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims, both adults and children. ? To promote goodwill, understanding, fellowship and tolerance among Muslims. ? To strengthen the fraternal bonds among Muslims in the Union County and its surrounding areas. ? To promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.

 This is The Islamic Center of Union County

For a number of years, we have been searching for a location in Union County, NJ. To establish a permanent place for our Masjid and Islamic Center to offer religious, educational and community services. With the grace of Allah, we have found the new establishment, located at 2372 Morris Ave Union, NJ 07083. *Building includes: Large Sanctuary (capacity:600), about 12 class rooms, office, full kitchen. *0.68 Acres *40-50 Car parking *Mixed use zoning- No need for zoning or variance if the place will stay for religious purpose *Near Route- 78, 22 and the Garden State Parkway *This place will serve the entire Union and surrounding counties

The Past and Present

The center is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Code. For the past 24 years, we have been renting small store on 656 Sanfard Ave, Newark NJ 07106. Alhumdillillah, we have been serving the needs of Muslims for all neighboring towns.