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Islamic Center of Union County

2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

Islamic Center of Union County  2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

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The Good Life

Sallam Alykium 

Caring for the mind, body and soul has always been the center of the human being's focus in life to enrich one’s enjoyment and well-being. Often people excel in one while ignoring the others, and fail to see the beauty and completion of a true balance between all three elements which can potentially lead to "The Good Life." 

The first victims of this omission are ourselves, spouses and kids. We tend to make everything a comparison or competition. We look at the achievements of others and we try to match it or exceed it, discounting the circumstances and unique abilities of the achiever. We set ourselves (and our families) up for failure from the start because the comparison is just not right. Imagine how that feels to a spouse or a child being constantly measured and compared. This is a surefire way to invite more stress and disharmony into our lives. 

People in their forties are trying to beat the looks of teenagers, often going through extreme or dangerous procedures! They should instead be investing in the quality of their health that will help them live healthier and free from illness in their fifties and sixties and beyond! 

People who did not have financial means to finish a college degree are depressed over missed opportunities even while they might be blessed with a decent career or raising great beautiful kids!

People annoyed with technology and atrocities in the world are escaping into levels of seclusion that make them strive to maintain a status outside the nature of human beings! 

No one is perfect, and everyone, regardless of who he or she is, has issues to worry about in life. The good life starts by accepting yourself for yourself and accepting your family for who they are, not as objects of boasting in public! We need to enjoy and appreciate even the basic necessities like a bottle of clean water. People all over the world are deprived of that, even as nearby as Flint. Do you know how many people are homeless just trying to survive the harsh winter? So, shouldn’t we appreciate our heated homes? If we were to try to count all our blessings, we would never finish.

The true good life, the perfect one, peaks only if it is connected to the Hereafter. The Holy Quran says: {Know that the life of this world is but play and amusement, and sheer adornment, and a cause for boasting among ourselves, and an arena of vying in wealth and children. Race one another to the forgiveness of your Lord and to a garden of Paradise the breadth of which is as the breadth of all heaven and earth, prepared for those who believe in God and in His messengers. That is the bounty of God. He gives it to whomever He so wills. For God alone is the possessor of Magnificent Bounty.} 57:20/21

With these timeless words, even in this modern era we are living in, the door is always open to all who race towards the Almighty Lord for His forgiveness.

It's important to check in all your neighbors Muslim and Muslim,attend the township town hall be involved you are fabric of the American community do your part as Muslim, go out and demonstrate what is Islam and Muslim belief by presenting the behavior during all your daily transactions. its importance in being next to people, offering them comfort during moments of grief. It very important for you and your family young and old to be active member in your mosque in your community.

God bless our community and our center!!!

Mission & Objectives

 To establish and maintain an Islamic Center in this community to serve as a place for Islamic prayers and cultural and religious activities. ? To provide Muslims with religious guidance based on the teachings of Islam. ? To serve as a youth educational center on Islam, its teachings, history, and culture among Muslims as well as non-Muslims. ? To organize courses of study in Quran, Sunnah and the Islamic history, designed to meet the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims, both adults and children. ? To promote goodwill, understanding, fellowship and tolerance among Muslims. ? To strengthen the fraternal bonds among Muslims in the Union County and its surrounding areas. ? To promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.

 This is The Islamic Center of Union County

For a number of years, we have been searching for a location in Union County, NJ. To establish a permanent place for our Masjid and Islamic Center to offer religious, educational and community services. With the grace of Allah, we have found the new establishment, located at 2372 Morris Ave Union, NJ 07083. *Building includes: Large Sanctuary (capacity:600), about 12 class rooms, office, full kitchen. *0.68 Acres *40-50 Car parking *Mixed use zoning- No need for zoning or variance if the place will stay for religious purpose *Near Route- 78, 22 and the Garden State Parkway *This place will serve the entire Union and surrounding counties

The Past and Present

The center is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Code. For the past 24 years, we have been renting small store on 656 Sanfard Ave, Newark NJ 07106. Alhumdillillah, we have been serving the needs of Muslims for all neighboring towns.