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Islamic Center of Union County

2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

Islamic Center of Union County  2372 Morris Avenue, Union,NJ 07083 Email: ICUC@ICUCNJ.COM (908)686-5400

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“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself “

Dear Community

Sallam Alykium

Ramadan 2019 is almost here as personal perpetration, I like to share this article with my friends and family

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself “

If we really want love and happiness, we need to learn how to forgive. Forgiveness means showing compassion for those that have wronged us, and doing this allows us to move forward, rather than holding onto the pain and anger, that is eating away inside us.

Forgiveness means we have made peace with the pain, and we are ready to let it go. This is not something we are doing for others, this is something we do for ourselves, because if we do not forgive, we can become trapped in bitterness and unhappiness,

Some people might find forgiving someone who has wronged them, or hurt them, or upset them, as strange. But when we forgive people for their actions, even if they are not sorry for what they have done, it allows us to let go, thus putting us back on the road towards happiness. Holding onto anger does not hurt them, it only hurts us.

Forgiveness does not excuse their behaviour, by forgiving it prevenths their behaviour from hurting us. Also forgiving does not mean we need to spend time with them, it does not mean we have to say anything to them, we can just forgive in silence and move on, and this will give us freedom by removing the pain. It will not change the past, what happened will not go away, but by forgiving and letting go expands our future, because the anger we hold inside is damaging us. Forgiving and moving on allows the heart to heal, and forgiveness and letting go are the steps back to happiness. Please remember, forgiveness is not weakness, to forgive is divine.

There is a large amount of research on forgiveness and this shows:

Forgiveness makes us happier, instead of holding onto past hurts, we are now free.

Forgiveness improves our health: Stress damages the body, causes blood pressure to rise, and lowers our immune system. When we forgive we become happier and this lowers our stress levels.

Forgiveness protests our mental health, it reduces depression and anxiety.

Forgiveness helps relationships. If our friends hurt or disappoint us, holding a grudge against them makes us less cooperative, removing the feelings of trust and commitment, and drives friendships apart. But forgiveness allows the relationships to repair and heal. This also applies in marriage, and spouses who are more forgiving and less vindictive have stronger and more satisfying relationships. However if a partner is frequently mistreating their husband or wife, then the only solution might be to move on rather than stay in a toxic relationship.

How do we forgive?

We need to understand that forgiveness is something we are doing for ourselves, not for others.

We need to make the decision to let it all go, to move on rather than holding onto past hurts.

We need to understand the pain we are going through, and that it is our reasonability to release the pain, because no one else is going to do this. We need to understand that taking responsibility for our feelings allows us to heal.

We need to stop being the victim and blaming others. Blaming prevents healing, it prevents learning, and all we are doing by blaming is harming ourselves.

We need to focus on the present rather than the past. Focusing on the past means living in the past, by focusing on the present, feeling grateful for life, smiling and feeling blessed, makes us happier and more positive.

Finally forgive, forgive them and also forgive ourselves.

Just as important as forgiving others, we also need to forgive ourselves. By forgiving ourselves, not only do we learn from our mistakes and become better, when we are more loving and positive with ourselves, it allows us to be more loving towards others.

What has hurt us in the past can define how we live our life in the present. Healing can begin when we let go of past hurts, forgive those who have wronged us, and learn to forgive ourselves for all our mistakes. When we can show forgiveness, and be grateful for everything in our life, and live our life with compassion, understanding, and loving kindness, our happiness will increase, and we will become more positive. And when we are happy and show our beautiful smile to the world, we will look better, healthier , and more youthful, and we will create beautiful memories for tomorrow. Yes, life can be beautiful :)

On behalf of the ICUC team , We wish you all the best of health and wealth and best of luck adept forgiveness as new chapter of your life start with Ramadan!

Peace and Love

Dr Wail Rasheed

Mission & Objectives

 To establish and maintain an Islamic Center in this community to serve as a place for Islamic prayers and cultural and religious activities. ? To provide Muslims with religious guidance based on the teachings of Islam. ? To serve as a youth educational center on Islam, its teachings, history, and culture among Muslims as well as non-Muslims. ? To organize courses of study in Quran, Sunnah and the Islamic history, designed to meet the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims, both adults and children. ? To promote goodwill, understanding, fellowship and tolerance among Muslims. ? To strengthen the fraternal bonds among Muslims in the Union County and its surrounding areas. ? To promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.

 This is The Islamic Center of Union County

For a number of years, we have been searching for a location in Union County, NJ. To establish a permanent place for our Masjid and Islamic Center to offer religious, educational and community services. With the grace of Allah, we have found the new establishment, located at 2372 Morris Ave Union, NJ 07083. *Building includes: Large Sanctuary (capacity:600), about 12 class rooms, office, full kitchen. *0.68 Acres *40-50 Car parking *Mixed use zoning- No need for zoning or variance if the place will stay for religious purpose *Near Route- 78, 22 and the Garden State Parkway *This place will serve the entire Union and surrounding counties

The Past and Present

The center is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Code. For the past 24 years, we have been renting small store on 656 Sanfard Ave, Newark NJ 07106. Alhumdillillah, we have been serving the needs of Muslims for all neighboring towns.